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Wow, things are tense around here. Apparently just existing is pissing my step-mother off at the moment, and I have no idea what I did because we normally have a pretty good relationship. We have similar personalities and humor, and normally mesh well. Maybe things are just tense all around. I dunno.

In other news, my older brother came over today and tried to teach me to play poker. I think I'm getting it, but I'll let you know how much I remember the next time I have to play! Lol.

Oh, and do ignore the melancholy tone of my last post. That was a bad headspace I was in last night.

Also, I want a white iphone so bad I cannot even tell you. I would sacrifice a puppy if I thought it would improve my chances. Two puppies! ...And a kitten! Not that we get AT&T service in the middle of bumfuck Wyoming, but good GOD they are GORGEOUS phones.

Ah, well. Such is life.
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