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Gail Simone, current writer of the Wonder Woman comic book, just posted a haiku contest on the CBR forums. Whoever wins gets a signed TPB among various other "small goodies." I doubt I'll win, but here was my attempt:

Diana of Days
O Icon of Love and Peace
Lead us, Princess, Lead

I tried to follow as many traditional haiku rules as possible, though I'm not sure 'days' strictly counts as a seasonal marker. I wanted to say "Diana of Ages" but that, of course, doesn't fit the structure. And I didn't quite manage a question either, but I like it anyway.
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The most iconic female hero of all time is finally being given her own animated feature. I hope beyond hope they don't screw it up, but even if they do I will be buying a copy to own. Everyone in the world should too. Diana doesn't get enough respect.

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I hate Diana Prince. I really, really do. It is a lie. Diana is an avatar of truth, and I would think that would bar her from walking around under a false identity. The reasons for my hate are more than that, though. The whole secret ID is sexist anyway because it wasn't even her idea it was forced on her by her two male best friends. And as for a woman blessed with Athena's wisdom not being able to pump gas, don't even get me started.

So I got to thinking, if DC is so desperate to give Diana an ID why not make it who she actually is. Make it someone she would actually walk around as day to day. For example, have Princess Diana be her secret ID. No, really. The world knows she is the ambassador of Themyscira and all that, but they don't know she's Wonder Woman. I think that would be a wicked awesome twist, but maybe that's just me.

And if they absolutely must give her a street level ID, for one thing make it street level. The average person is not a superspy who works at the DMA. For example, Diana is immortal. She could have at any time enrolled in college in her past and gotten any number of degrees. Even as I thought this one instantly sprang to mind.

Wonder Woman: Lawyer.

The way it seemed to fit her character boggled my mind. Diana's core mission is to right wrongs, teach love and peace, and seek the truth. Which is exactly what a good and honest lawyer seeks to do as well. She's always been about violence as the last recourse anyway, so Diana taking on the legal system would actually fit her modus operandi. Also, she'd spend her time in a nice pants suit or blouse and skirt instead of that ridiculous bathing suit, but that's a rant for another day.
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So, my first actual post wherein I actually post something. This was inspired by the guy who relettered the pages of Marvel's sucktastic Civil War cross over. It is the first issue of the relaunch of Wonder Woman done by me. I have to confess that though Heinberg's WW was far from perfect I mostly enjoyed it. However, he shafted Donna. This is my solution to that.

A competent Donna behind the cut. )

I own none of these characters, this was done purely for personal enjoyment, no copyright infringement is intended. Also, I know I have a typo, however I no longer have the originals so it will have to remain that way. Sorry.


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