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Feb. 17th, 2009 12:16 pm
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Well, here it is. I first talked about this forever ago. Now the problem is finding some J2 comm to link it to if I feel like it. Not sure I will, though.

As always, pointing out my mistakes is appreciated.

Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Status: Complete
Rating: Adult
Warnings: D/S-ish, powerplay, spanking
Word Count: 1638
Summary: Jensen's having a bad day. Jared takes care of that for him.

Untitled J2 Discipline Piece )
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Okay, so (god, I just used both of my typical post starters at the SAME TIME. I fail.) there's this thing I wrote that's the first RPS I've written with J2. It's the first RPS I've written ever, actually. I'm not especially fond of it--my first RPS didn't turn out anything like my first slash, Lessons because the characterization is off to me. I realize that's a ridiculous thing to say as I have no idea what either of these men are like in real life, but still. Reads false to me.

Basically it was just an experimental piece I did that seemed like a really cool idea in my head. Of course me being me, my "little experiment" is four pages long and not done yet. Sigh. I'm gonna finish it up and see whether I like it enough to post. Thoughts?


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