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You know what makes me eye roll? No, seriously, you know what just makes me go "bitch, please?" When Christians claim that it's only Christians that "sweeping generalities" are made against. Um, hello? Have you ever watched FOX news? Don't you know every brown-skin is a secret Muslim terrorist? Jesus Christ, people.

(Also, don't you love how my icon is a sparsely dressed, not from America, powerful female pagan? ^_^)
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(Note: Copied wholesale from here.)

Clay and his partner of 20 years, Harold, lived in California. Clay and Harold made diligent efforts to protect their legal rights, and had their legal paperwork in place--wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives, all naming each other. Harold was 88 years old and in frail medical condition, but still living at home with Clay, 77, who was in good health.

One evening, Harold fell down the front steps of their home and was taken to the hospital. Based on their medical directives alone, Clay should have been consulted in Harold's care from the first moment. Tragically, county and health care workers instead refused to allow Clay to see Harold in the hospital. The county then ultimately went one step further by isolating the couple from each other, placing the men in separate nursing homes.

Ignoring Clay's significant role in Harold's life, the county continued to treat Harold like he had no family and went to court seeking the power to make financial decisions on his behalf. Outrageously, the county represented to the judge that Clay was merely Harold's "roommate." The court denied their efforts, but did grant the county limited access to one of Harold's bank accounts to pay for his care.

What happened next is even more chilling.

Without authority, without determining the value of Clay and Harold's possessions accumulated over the course of their 20 years together or making any effort to determine which items belonged to whom, the county took everything Harold and Clay owned and auctioned off all of their belongings. Adding further insult to grave injury, the county removed Clay from his home and confined him to a nursing home against his will. The county workers then terminated Clay and Harold's lease and surrendered the home they had shared for many years to the landlord.

Three months after he was hospitalized, Harold died in the nursing home. Because of the county's actions, Clay missed the final months he should have had with his partner of 20 years. Compounding this tragedy, Clay has literally nothing left of the home he had shared with Harold or the life he was living up until the day that Harold fell, because he has been unable to recover any of his property. The only memento Clay has is a photo album that Harold painstakingly put together for Clay during the last three months of his life.

With the help of a dedicated and persistent court-appointed attorney, Anne Dennis of Santa Rosa, Clay was finally released from the nursing home. Ms. Dennis, along with Stephen O'Neill and Margaret Flynn of Tarkington, O'Neill, Barrack & Chong, now represent Clay in a lawsuit against the county, the auction company, and the nursing home, with technical assistance from NCLR. A trial date has been set for July 16, 2010 in the Superior Court for the County of Sonoma.

Guys this is why marriage equality is so important. Things like this wouldn't happen, or at least couldn't happen as easily, if GLBT people had full legal protection. Please help spread the word about this.

Call and write:

6th District: Marin County and Sonoma County

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey
Washington DC Office: (202) 225-516
Marin Office: (415) 507-9554
Sonoma Office: (415) 507-9601

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841

Sonoma County Supervisors:
FIRST DISTRICT: Supervisor Valerie Brown

SECOND DISTRICT: Supervisor Mike Kerns

THIRD DISTICT: Supervisor Shirley Zane

FOURTH DISTRICT: Supervisor Paul Kelley

FIFTH DISTRICT: Supervisor Efren Carrillo

Get this on the news:

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC -

MSNBC Live Senior Producer Chris Ariens (201) 583-5000

MSNBC Live Senior Producer Stefanie Cargill (201) 583-5000

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC National News Director Robert Dembo (201) 583-5222

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Senior Director Alison Hawley (201) 583-5155

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Senior Producer Steve Hyvonen (201) 583-5155 (201) 583-5453

MSNBC Live Senior Producer Nick Kovijanic (201) 583-5000

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Senior Producer Dave Levine (201) 583-5707

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Editor In Chief Jerry Nachman (201) 583-5155

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Senior Producer Richard Stockwell (201) 583-5155

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Senior Producer Mike Tanaka (201) 583-5155

MSNBC/Microsoft-NBC News Senior Producer Essa Yip (201) 583-5155

ABC News 212-456-4040
CBS News 212-975-3691
NBC News 212-664-4971
CNN 404-827-1511
Fox News 212-301-3300
MSNBC 201-583-5222
PBS 703-998-2150
NPR 202-414-2200
NY Times 212-556-1234
USA Today 703-276-3400
Newsweek 212-445-4000
Time 212-522-1212
U.S. News 202-955-2000
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I'm not naive. Most of the people on my flist are there because they stumbled across a fanfic of mine, probably a Supernatural one. So, I expect to have suddenly a lot less friends when I say this:

I stopped watching season five, and did a long time ago.

The Paris Hilton might have been the last one I watched. They were just loosing me. So much focus on all this "Angels suck!" and "Find God!" stuff, and it just lost me. Not to mention that I heard Jo and Ellen bite it, and I wasn't interested in watching that. Why is it so hard for shows to support their freaking supporting characters these days? Especially in a show where the main relationship has been severely undercut.


Whatever. I keep thinking I'm going to look the episodes up online and see, but I just never do. Oh well, there's always season one. And fanfic. Actually, I like most fanfic depictions of the brother's relationship better anyway.

Now I have some original stuff to be writing about. Dead Boyfriend here I come.
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So, just had an interesting conversation about the farce that is Christmas with [ profile] yahrlan on Msn. She had this to say: I was SO tempted to say 'Merry Triumph of the Eternal Sun" to people.

Which made me think of a few alternate ways I'm going to respond to people next year. Such as:



And my personal favorite:


To which she replied: those trees in your houses totally aren't fertility symbols or anything.

There's a reason we consider ourselves siblings. ^_^
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I just filed a complaint with the LJ Help people about a series of ads running on my page. I don't know if anyone else has seen them, but over the past week there has been an advertisement for a Christian recruitment DVD. As an atheist, I find it annoying. As a gay man, I find it offensive.

The text reads something to the effect of: "The message that has changed the world hasn't changed."

If that isn't blatant propaganda I don't know what is.

Now, I went and tried to mess with my ad settings myself before I went to the LJ request people. But it kept showing up and I get madder and madder every time I see it. I don't have anything against the majority of Christians, or Christianity in general. But I am NOT a Christian, and I don't want their material running on my website. Especially not material that is intended to sway people in favor of Christianity. There are quite enough of them in world already, go advertise on one of their pages. Leave my little atheistic corner of the web alone. It's almost impossible to find a completely secular, religion-free place in the world. That's part of the appeal of this blog. It's supposed to be my blog, where I can feel at ease and let my thoughts go where they please.

These ads don't put me at ease, they actively earn my ire. It would be like a black person logging on to find white supremacist ads running. Not to say that the ad was inflammatory or hostile in content, but the institution responsible for running the ad is actively responsible for trampling on my civil rights. So when nothing I could do would remove the ad, suffice it to say that I was Not Pleased.

None of the ad options mention that they might have religious content when you click, and it's mandatory that you have at least five options checked. I've fiddled with the settings and the ad won't go away. I'm just tired of it.

It's like missionaries coming to your door step. At least in real life you can shut the door, or turn your music up so you can't hear them knocking. Unfortunately there is no such thing online. Can't we have an internet version of a peep hole?

EDITED TO ADD: Photographic evidence. As soon as I posted this, guess what was running at the top of the page? -_-


ETA 2: Oh, and now my request has been made invisible. Imagine that.

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One of the things that sets me apart from my friends is that I almost never remember my dreams. All of the people in my close inner circle have fairly regular dreams that they remember. I don't. I never really have. Part of that, I believe, is my aversion to nightmares.

When I do have bad dreams I can usually remember them. It's always the unsettling ones that cling to my mind (such as the straight men who picked on me in middle school tied naked to the fence by our PE teacher) never the more mundane or ordinary ones.

For instance, I can still remember this dream I had years ago, though I can no longer remember what age I was when I had it. I can even remember the green-tinged black and white colors of it, and that it involved a bubbling witch's cauldron that would change the gender of anyone dipped into it. Rather tame, really, as far as nightmares go, but I remember it scaring the shit out of me.

Last night/this morning was a similar case. I was dreaming that I had a split personality, and that the alter ego was a serial killer named Moe. He would signal the take-over of our shared body by saying "Moe is angry!" and then almost immediately killing someone. My mind provided Hollywood-esque visual clues as to when Moe was in charge by giving him a white face with blue marks spreading from the side of his lips. Other odd imagery filled the dream, such as an abundance of grainy mirrors and bow-tie tuxedos.

It sounds rather silly to describe out loud, but it was seriously scaring the shit out of me. I kept jerking myself awake to avoid returning to the dream.

Bad dreams have always been a thing for me. When I was the praying kind, I used to pray specifically for "good dreams or no dreams." I wish I was kidding. What's interesting about that prayer is that whatever effect it may have had has apparently continued long past the time I continued to say it. To this day my sleeping mind is blank, unless punctuated by the odd nightmare. My inner atheist remains unconvinced about what this means.
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Someday I will write an epic political satire novel. It will be about the angels overthrowing the rule of Jesus and instituting democracy in heaven. And it will be genius.
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I came across a link the other day to a series of stories about a female-to-male transsexual who liked men. I don't know why, but that whole concept blew my mind. A gay male transsexual. It was one of those things that hadn't quite occurred to me before. Is it because of some lingering threads of my formerly religious brainwashing? I mean, a transsexual is one who is born in the wrong body. So to make things "right" he/she transforms to the other sex's body. It's an effort to put things the way they should be. Do I still retain so much backlogged religion that I parse "the way things should be" as automatically girl-on-boy?

It's a depressing thought, and I'm afraid of what truth it might contain. Religion is a culture, and like all culture it makes up parts of you no matter how much you might want otherwise. I say things like "there is no right, only what we like" all the time, but there are still little secret parts of me that don't quite believe it. Will it always be that way?

I severely hope not. But how does one completely wash the unwanted aspects of a "former" culture away? One can't. Even by immersing oneself in a new culture, there will still be those perceptions and defaults that remain of the former.

On Atheism

May. 11th, 2009 12:54 pm
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A long while ago I posted a comment on a youtube video. I don't recall exactly what was said, but just today I noticed in my youtube inbox I had a reply to that comment. Basically it amounted to "even Atheists have religion because they believe there is no god." (Emphasis mine.)

No. No, no, no. Religion is not just the belief in something, it is the specific belief in a higher, supernatural power of some sort. It is not an umbrella term for belief of any kind. I believe the sun will rise tomorrow. That does not make me religious.

Not to mention that their reply was flawed at the very deepest level. Atheism is not about belief, it is about the absence of belief. Atheism is not "I believe in no god." That would imply there is something out there to not believe in. Atheism is "I do not believe in god." There has been no evidence I've yet come across to induce belief of any sort, negative or otherwise. It's not that I'm choosing not to have belief in any one god, it's that I do not believe any kind of god exists in the first place.

To go back to my first example, I believe the sun will rise because I've seen it do so every day of my life. This is based on an objective reality that will not change if I choose to not to believe in it. God has no objective presence, and thus there is no belief. I'm not choosing to not believe, it's simply that no belief exists.

It's a subtle but important distinction, and one I wish more people would become aware of before they go engaging in debates. But this is the internet, after all, and expecting people to actually know what they're talking about before their mouths open is pretty much a lost cause to begin with.


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