Dec. 16th, 2009 12:45 pm
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Okay, so if you've read enough of these random ass babblings you know I want a white iPhone like I want to keep breathing. I shouldn't be so dramatic. I really want one with a burning, white-hot intensity of a million stars exploding. But that's beside the point.

My point is whether or not I can even have one where I live. I've fiddled around with the apple site, and when it gets to the point that I have to tell them I live in Bum Fuck, Wyoming it always comes back that AT&T doesn't offer wireless service in my area. However, the website coverage viewer map thing says they have "partner service," so if I just told the online form I actually live somewhere else, would the phone work when I got it?

I wish there was someone I could ask, but that's not the kind of thing I could really tell the apple help line, now is it?
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It has been an interesting few weeks. When the girls and I went on the trip, I told my father we would be back from the trip on Wednesday, and then I would make back up to where he lives when there was time for someone to take me. Now, my father apparently does not remember this, which is unsurprising as he can't remember conversations as he's having them.

I was in charge of watching my older sister's children, which my father and step-mother have taken in, during the day. However, when my dad is home from work (he works a week on and a week off) he watches them, plus my step-mom had two days of vacation she had to take anyway. Well, my father wanted me home by that Monday, as he would leave home the previous Wednesday. Leaving the children unattended as long as I was gone.

Now, I told him I'd see what I could do, but my mother and aunt were going out of town that weekend, which I hadn't known. My brother was supposed to drive me back, and he asked me if he could go school shopping with his friends on Saturday. I told him that was fine. Well, my sister tells me AFTER my brother has already left that they can't meet me on Sunday because they have to go in for work to make up for time that they would miss on Monday. So then they had to "find something to do" with the kids.

It was also the older child's birthday last Friday, which I forgot to call for. That's entirely my bad. But apparently my father is so "thoroughly pissed off" about "[my] attitude" that if I don't "figure it out" I should make arrangements to move my stuff from his house and kiss my cell phone goodbye. Neither of things would be the end of the world, but both of them would be annoying. I'd survive though.

If my father thinks that threatening me with homelessness (which is rather stupid when I'm sitting in my own bedroom at my mother's house) will somehow frighten me into acting as he wants, he's got another think coming. My-way-or-highway bluffs don't work on me, I'll hit the road right now. I am an adult, and he will not tell me when to come home.

Now, yes, I should have put more research, apparently, into the trip before I left. I didn't mean to leave them hanging, but it's not like the kids went unattended. Obviously they found somewhere to stash them, so it may have been inconvenient, but it's hardly a natural disaster. I simply cannot understand why they're making it as big of a deal as they are. The children are fine and life goes on. Trying to bluff his way into my good behavior will only end badly for him.

I will not be pushed, or coerced. If he wants to match his will against mine, I will win. Period. I'd have to find someway to pay for my own cell phone service, and the only reason I'd even hesitate would be because of what might happen to my writing rate if I had an "actual" job on top of it. But real life must come first, and if I have to slow the writing down for awhile to keep up a job then so be it.

But I will not be treated like a child, and I will not be threatened. I tempted to send my phone back to him in a box with note attached: "Send my belongings to return address."


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