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Well, here's a story that popped into my head today about these two characters that've been brewing for awhile. I don't know why they chose this scene to be the first I write about them, but here they are.

I give you Hrothgar "Garth" the Red, and Illya Greenman.

Garth is a professional warrior that was betrayed by a compatriot and left for dead. Illya, a member of a traveling healer sect known as the Greenmen, found him and brought him to his camp to doctor him up. This scene takes place a while down the road, after Illya has left with Garth to see the world and find out for himself whether it's really the horrible place his people say it is.

This particular story is in media res, or it's already started for those not in the know. As I said, I don't know why they wanted me to pick it up here, but here it is nonetheless.

As always, point out any mistakes.

A Winter's Tale )


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