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(Skip this post to avoid gross details of my personal life)

My mom told me the beans and ham on the stove were okay. Turns out they weren't. I have been shitting non-stop since last night. It looks like it might have settled down for now, and not a moment too soon. My ass is killing me, and not even in a fun way. *sigh*
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My Facebook account and PayPal account just got hacked on the same day. I am like an inch from crying, seriously. Fuck my life. Though I don't know how it could be possible, I can't help thinking there's a connection somewhere.

If you are on Facebook and get a video link from me in the chat window DO NOT open it.

I have called PayPal and they've opened an investigation, should get back to me in a week. Only two false charges started, and one was stopped before it was completed. Thankfully, at the moment, I'm only out 9.99, and they're going to try and find who did it.

Say it with me folks: Fuck. My. Life.


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