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I just filed a complaint with the LJ Help people about a series of ads running on my page. I don't know if anyone else has seen them, but over the past week there has been an advertisement for a Christian recruitment DVD. As an atheist, I find it annoying. As a gay man, I find it offensive.

The text reads something to the effect of: "The message that has changed the world hasn't changed."

If that isn't blatant propaganda I don't know what is.

Now, I went and tried to mess with my ad settings myself before I went to the LJ request people. But it kept showing up and I get madder and madder every time I see it. I don't have anything against the majority of Christians, or Christianity in general. But I am NOT a Christian, and I don't want their material running on my website. Especially not material that is intended to sway people in favor of Christianity. There are quite enough of them in world already, go advertise on one of their pages. Leave my little atheistic corner of the web alone. It's almost impossible to find a completely secular, religion-free place in the world. That's part of the appeal of this blog. It's supposed to be my blog, where I can feel at ease and let my thoughts go where they please.

These ads don't put me at ease, they actively earn my ire. It would be like a black person logging on to find white supremacist ads running. Not to say that the ad was inflammatory or hostile in content, but the institution responsible for running the ad is actively responsible for trampling on my civil rights. So when nothing I could do would remove the ad, suffice it to say that I was Not Pleased.

None of the ad options mention that they might have religious content when you click, and it's mandatory that you have at least five options checked. I've fiddled with the settings and the ad won't go away. I'm just tired of it.

It's like missionaries coming to your door step. At least in real life you can shut the door, or turn your music up so you can't hear them knocking. Unfortunately there is no such thing online. Can't we have an internet version of a peep hole?

EDITED TO ADD: Photographic evidence. As soon as I posted this, guess what was running at the top of the page? -_-


ETA 2: Oh, and now my request has been made invisible. Imagine that.

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