Feb. 8th, 2010

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I'm not naive. Most of the people on my flist are there because they stumbled across a fanfic of mine, probably a Supernatural one. So, I expect to have suddenly a lot less friends when I say this:

I stopped watching season five, and did a long time ago.

The Paris Hilton might have been the last one I watched. They were just loosing me. So much focus on all this "Angels suck!" and "Find God!" stuff, and it just lost me. Not to mention that I heard Jo and Ellen bite it, and I wasn't interested in watching that. Why is it so hard for shows to support their freaking supporting characters these days? Especially in a show where the main relationship has been severely undercut.


Whatever. I keep thinking I'm going to look the episodes up online and see, but I just never do. Oh well, there's always season one. And fanfic. Actually, I like most fanfic depictions of the brother's relationship better anyway.

Now I have some original stuff to be writing about. Dead Boyfriend here I come.


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